Dear visitors of our blog! (part II)

The 5 huge windows were here!. I remember seeing them on the following day and have the vivid feeling that our project was ALREADY a reality, and that part of that reality was right there in the kitchen. I imagined our daughter near these stained glass windows in the future in Cortelazor .. it was certainly like a distant and diffuse dream… but part of it was in front of me (I sent an email to the Family with the photo!).

There, in the middle of our kitchen-dining room, they stayed covering the desired English light for a few months, until finally, at the 4th dinner / juntera, we managed to gather enough arms and courage to
move them down some very narrow stairs, to lewes rd backyard, where they slept for 5 years, till finally they started to sieve again the light, in Andalusia.

The stained-glass windows of our rural
Details of The stained-glass windows

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