Dear visitors of our blog! (part I)

Many times people ask us … How did you make a house
like this in Cortelazor ???
Depending on the moment in time, it occurred to me to
give one answer or another; sort of  «We like this area very much, where we have very good
friends, is quite touristic, and we wanted to have a Rural
Tourism business»; or «Cortelazor is a very picturesque
village, and quite unknown in the Sierra and therefore we
chose it for our project».
If they had asked our families, they would have answered
«because they are crazy». Now in the distance and after five years of running, La Flamenca Inn, I think that this response is not so crazy, as it seemed to me at the
beginning. I have also understood that it was necessary
certain doses of madness/courage to undertake a project like this…

Back in 2005 we lived very comfortably in Brighton,
England. Peter had just completed the renovation of his
house, and began to acquire demolition objects to build a
common life project in Spain: La Flamenca Inn

Lola & Peter, two fools in love with antiques and hospitality
Firsts steps in La Flamenca Inn

One of the first acquisitions for the project were 5 iron and
mahogany windows with leaded glass that came from a
church that had been demolished in Scotland. Here the day
they arrived in Brighton! It was 2005.


(to be continued)

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